Concrete Cost Estimating Takeoffs Services in USA

In a huge and demanding concrete industry, where the United States alone produces a whopping 4+ billion metric tons annually, its estimation takes a leading role in profit maximization. We are well aware of how crucial are your concrete estimations. A minor variation in numbers can bite a big chunk of your profit. Thus, you must ensure qualitative estimations if you are looking for maximum profit in your projects. Looking for concrete project cost Takeoffs? Welcome to Budgeting Enterprise. We can be your reliable partners to provide concrete cost calculations for each project every time you bid for.

Why Do you Need a Concrete Estimator for your project?

Most contractors we work with lack their onsite expertise proficient enough to draft a reliable concrete or rebar takeoff. Where over-estimating the concrete required for any project will give you inflated bid prices, thereby ending up at bid loss, underestimating will make your profit margins thinner. It would help if you had a balanced estimate of your project to equate your bid-winning probability with your profit maximization. Budgeting Enterprise draws a fine line between the above two scenarios with our impeccable and precise takeoff services.

Additionally, bidding always entails the lowest values and cost-effective solutions to offer. Thus, spending the minor amounts on pre-estimation will buck you up for winning more bids through your threshold offers and cost-effective solutions. To recapitulate, the following are the key points that will make you invest a small portion of your money in maximizing your profits:

We use Advanced Concrete Estimating Technology

The estimation for concrete, where it is important, is quite a regressive job too. Your business's success and failure lie on your right concrete estimations. Thus, you cannot rely on manual calculations for your estimations. Rather, it would be best to have highly professional software for that, such as Planswift. We at budgeting enterprise are a highly skillful team of professionals with a comprehensive grasp of all the advanced software such as Planswift and RSmeans.

Our Certifications

We have worked with concrete contractors, general contracting corporations, real estate developers, and home builders, providing them with the division 3 concrete takeoffs for years. Rest assured that our quality services are certified by top estimation organizations such as the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) and the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE).

What Deliverables Will You Get?

Our deliverables for your Concrete estimations include the following:

Concrete Cost Estimating Takeoffs Services in USA


You may be looking for concrete estimations of your project from a highly reliable agency. Right? Wise enough. In the past, we have worked with different professionals in the construction industry, such as concrete contractors, general contractors, asphalt contractors, vendors, foundation contractors, and pavers in projects of diverse nature, such as sidewalks, driveways, concrete pavement, retaining walls, parking lots, flatwork, basement, waterproofing, concrete foundation, concrete slabs, concrete curbs, etc.

We will help you ease your construction process by providing accurate estimation services. We have extensive work experience in our portfolio on projects of diverse natures as follows:

Your project might have hundreds of details that we consider before your spot-on concrete estimations. Following are some of the detailed counterparts we consider before preparing your takeoffs and projects summary:

How do we do Concrete Takeoffs Calculations?

In your concrete takeoff, we mean four steps: quantities takeoffs, labour and equipment takeoffs, calculation of overheads and profits.

Before starting your concrete estimation, a contractor should consider 21 areas primarily. Whereas, your project might not have all of these aspects to be considered:

  1. Column footings
  2. Foundation walls
  3. Piers below grade
  4. Wall footings
  5. Interior columns
  6. Exterior beams
  7. Interior beams
  8. Building slabs on fill
  9. Exterior columns
  10. Corrugated formwork Slabs
  11. Shortened flat slabs
  12. Metal pan slabs
  13. Shored stairs
  14. Exterior straight curbs
  15. Pan fill stairs
  16. Exterior sidewalks
  17. Stair landings
  18. Exterior paving
  19. Stairs on fill
  20. Miscellaneous building concrete
  21. Exterior curbs and gutters

Labour Estimations Services in USA

For precise estimation, you cannot ignore your human resource. Thus, consider factors related to your labour, such as overtime, wages, travel time, other building aspects, and shift differences. We take all the estimations considering an average worker as a reference, completing 300-350 sq ft of concrete work daily.

Overhead Cost Estimations in USA

After making the labour estimations, we add all the overhead costs that come in general expenses, such as those related to back-office operations, advertising, fleet, maintenance, etc.

Profit Estimations in USA

It is the exact thing you are here for. Right? You can calculate your profit margin before bidding by avoiding over-estimations and underestimations.


It is the last stage of your concrete estimation, where we combine all the ingredients to give you a clear picture of the project you are heading towards. Thus, now you are confident enough to bid for greater profit maximization.

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