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Are you looking for Freelance Construction Estimating services? Budgeting Enterprise is the world's renowned construction estimating service to shoulder off your estimation work with a decade-long experience in your service of construction cost estimations and takeoffs. Our estimates are highly cost-effective, thereby improving your efficiency and accuracy. Our highly competitive hourly rates and diverse portfolio make us prominent among the estimations services around you. Additionally, our customer support and 24/7 connection with you for the accurate findings of your project make us lead in our competition. Keep reading the whole blog and discover how Budgeting enterprise can be a win-win situation as a freelance estimation service for your business.

Expertise matters

Do you know that estimation is all about accuracy? Thus, there is an ample amount of expertise involved in a thorough estimation process. Our team is well-versed in advanced technology and has extensive exposure to the futuristic tools used in construction Cost estimation. Here are some tools we use throughout your project's estimation process. Trimble, FastPIPE, FastDUCT, Plan swift, Bluebeam, Xactimat, RSMeans and Craftsman (especially for your database)

We are the Win-Win Deal for You; HOW?

It is a simple formula. If you make your work easy-peasy, you can win more bids. Being a contractor, you are a guy in the field with a huge burden of work. Thus, as a contractor, you can give away excessive work by hiring a low-cost, high-quality estimator.

For Small Contractors or Startups

As a new startup contractor, you will need more resources, such as experience, software, human resources, etc. For you, we offer the best solution to provide you with the smart option to hire an estimator that will give you a startup with a boost in your expertise, thereby making you competitive in your market.

To layoff Overheads

Freelance estimating has brought forward a new gleam of life for most businesses worldwide. In the recent bust cycle in the economy worldwide, companies plan to lay off excessive human resources. Thus, enterprises seek more remote and professional service providers to cut extra corporate costs. Budgeting enterprise provides you with the best services remotely; therefore, we are your hourly staff without incurring any other cost to you.

Specialized Trade Estimating

Sometimes it happens to businesses that need expertise only available during the year. Therefore, it is better to outsource any project related to any specialized trade. Fortunately, we are a pool of specialists that can offer you freelance services in different aspects of your projects. We keep connected with people with a high skill set and proficiency. Thus, connecting with us will bring you huge potential expertise and technology but not at your cost.

Independent Unbiased Assistance

You can take our expert opinion as an unbiased third party. Sometimes there are chances of conflict on a project; thus, a third party must make their professional assessments. Therefore, Budgeting Enterprise is the independent third-party services provider you can hire to give your hurdles a flow.

Facilitate Your Existing Estimating Department

If you are already doing estimation work, we are here to share the bulk work to make you easygoing with your deadlines. Thus, let us do the best we can do for you. We can best serve commercial, industrial, and residential construction projects. Our team can save you from piling up proposals and not compiling with the deadlines through our time-bound and disciplined approach to our projects. Thus, working with us is a win-win situation for your estimation business.

Freelance Construction Estimating services

Our Portfolio:

As a certified construction estimator, we have much experience and expertise and can best serve you in the following areas.

Commercial Freelance Estimator

Our commercial portfolio is diverse and furnished with different projects worldwide. We have completed other freelance estimation projects of various natures, including offices, grocery stores, warehouses, restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls or some low-cost two-story commercial building designs, general commercial contracting, etc.

Residential Freelance Estimator

We are not just confined to commercial projects; a residential construction company with residential expertise is also included in our portfolio. Our portfolio has various projects, including apartments, bungalows, modular homes, and townhomes. The bottom line is that your geographic location matters a lot in finding accurate estimations for your project. To that cause, we fetch your residential construction cost per square foot data by your zip code.

Industrial Freelance Estimator

Our experienced staff is equipped with cutting-edge technology and expertise. Assuredly we can handle mega projects on industrial levels, including refineries, water treatment plants, power generation, manufacturing units, and wastewater management.

How do we work?

Our team is equipped with skills in advanced software for data calculation and research. When you start your journey with us by booking a quote, we deeply analyze the nature of the job and the scope of your work. Importantly, we comb through your local market to get the prices and competition prevalent in your area. Getting through all the research data, we employ different takeoff tools from a huge list of software handy to team experts such as Planswift, Bluebeat and FastDuct, FastPIPE, X Trimble, and databases such as RSMeans and Craftsman, etc., to give you accurate findings.

Your Remote Freelance Estimating Team

Doesn't it seem more costly to hire an expensive estimating staff and high-cost software, not to mention the monthly salary packages, bonuses, medical facilities, and other perks and privileges? We offer you a better solution. We can be the remote freelance estimation team that will collaborate with you. Our timely feedback on your projects and 24/7 customer service will keep you from feeling the distance. So, being a wise businessman, let the work done by the people best at that.

Budgeting enterprise is one of the leading cost estimator companies around you. Based on a decade-long experience, our services primarily focus on residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Focusing on the construction takeoffs and estimations, we have equipped our people with the most advanced technology to give you meticulous and researched based estimates.

You can expect from us:

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