Lumber Takeoff and Estimation Services in USA

If you are a lumber contractor, vendor, or framer looking for credible and accurate lumber estimation services, welcome to the Budgeting Enterprise! In estimating your lumber takeoffs, we deeply consider all the factors, such as lumber, labour hours, labour cost, and transportation cost attached. We also add a precisely crafted lumber cut list to help your woodworkers easily convert the lineal foot to board foot to maximize timber usage with minimal wastage.

Get the most accurate and comprehensive lumber takeoff and estimation services for your lumber business with Budgeting Enterprise's meticulous and detailed approach.

Budgeting Enterprise; your reliable Estimators:

We know that you are looking for reliability and credibility in your lumber takeoff services, and we will provide that. Our team of certified lumber estimators knows the policies and guidelines crafted by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIDS) and the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE). We can cater to all the structural and non-structural lumber in your takeoff plans. Thus, with the huge portfolio of handling gazillions of lumber estimation projects successfully.Additionally, we believe in an eco-friendly environment that can be made possible with less lumber wastage. Therefore, your takeoffs can help you do that. Budgeting enterprise is always a reliable option for you.

Scope of Our Lumber Takeoff Services:

Our lumber estimation services consider everything that comes under its umbrella. There are a few mentions of all the facets of our lumber takeoffs:

Our Lumber Takeoff Clients

In our decade-long journey, we have worked with clients of different natures, such as:

Lumber Takeoff and Estimation Services in USA

Why it is always better to outsource your lumber Takeoffs?

It is always better to outsource your lumber takeoff services because it will prevent you from the distractions of stuff of secondary nature to you. Thereby you can focus more on your bidding proposals and winning more projects. Additionally, Lumber takeoffs are highly technical, demanding regressive jobs in nature that require in-depth knowledge of millwork construction techniques, lumber qualities, wall arrangements, structural connections, person-hours, labour, transportation, etc. Whereas a lumber estimation services providing agency contains people with specific skillsets and expertise, not to mention the Budgeting Enterprise whose portfolio speaks volumes.

Overview of the software we use for your Lumber Takeoffs:

As a vendor, retailer or contractor, we understand that providing you with a precise and itemized lumber takeoff is crucial to estimate the lowest possible costs on the projects you will bid on. We at the Budgeting Enterprise have a highly proficient team with a strong grasp of all the modern estimating software for plumbers used for timber estimations and takeoffs. We primarily rely on Planswift or IMHS Mark Systems to get more precise numbers. Other than that, we use different advanced software to get your accurate and spot-on lumber estimations, such as:

Feel free to upload your plans in any format, such as PDF, PLN, TIFF, TIF, JPG, DWG, DXF, DAL, JPEG, DWF, OSX, CPC, and DJVU. We will be providing you with the quote in just 5 minutes.

Our Deliverables:

You can expect the following Deliverables for Your Lumber Takeoff:

Why Choose Us?

Budgeting Enterprise has a definitive track record of providing the best lumber estimation services. We believe in value-based services, which is the key reason for the 100 % success rate throughout our journey in estimations. In a broader view, we have enfranchised our estimation agency on some building blocks given as follows;


Reliability is the hallmark of budgeting enterprise. We ensure that each number we provide you passes through the regressive checks of our strict criteria. Our only purpose is to give you a successful estimation and help you win more biddings.


We deeply understand how challenging it is for you to be a contractor, builder or investor to manage your projects on time. Time is the linchpin. Thus, we are disciplined and adaptive to meet the strictest deadline to keep your projects and biddings ahead of time.


We prefer quality over quantity; that is the key to our success. Your every project is valuable to us. Thus, we always strive for our quality standards in our estimations. We always prefer quality over quantity. That is why every time we provide you with our estimations, we have always passed your project through the lens of quality checks.


Finally, it is the results for which you are here. Ultimately, you get results when we follow our refined process for your project. Our previous portfolio speaks volumes.


What is our experience doing lumber takeoffs?

We have provided lumber takeoff services in construction areas, including commercial, residential, and industrial subsectors, for more than ten years. After a decade-long journey, we have built a team of high experts equipped with ample knowledge of their area of concern and a grasp on cutting-edge software. Above all, our portfolio full of diverse projects across the globe speaks volumes.

In what document and formats do you prepare the takeoff?

To keep it simple, we use Excel sheets. We will provide you with two worksheets, one for a comprehensive itemized list and the other for a complete summary list of your project. Other than Excel sheets, we are highly adaptive to any specific format your project needs.

Why do you need a lumber estimator?

We know how challenging it is for you as a reputable framing contractor to maintain quality even if you are under work from head to toe. You might strive to get in-demand and best-in-class estimating lumber for framing on your behalf. Thus, a reliable estimator can cost-effectively relieve your stresses so that you may easily win more projects rather than focus on jobs of secondary nature.

Don’t worry! Because as lumber estimators, we have a reliable track record of serving hundreds of projects like yours.

What do you do when the plans have mistakes?

We have a regressive mechanism through which we pass your project plan. In a phase, we do deep research on your plan using different estimation softwares. If we find any lapses, we give different suggestions and cost-effective solutions to your project.

Don’t worry! Because as lumber estimators, we have a reliable track record of serving hundreds of projects like yours.

We're providing Lumber Estimation Services in these USA States.

Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, California, Alabama, Louisiana and Michigan