Quantities and Material Takeoffs of Construction Projects in USA

If you are a construction contractor, designer, architect, or builder, you cannot deny the importance of material takeoffs and quantities estimations. It is the linchpin in any successful project. Over the past 10 years, we have provided you with the most reliable material takeoffs at Budgeting Enterprise. Most clients approach us for the right material estimations to steer their projects toward profit maximization and cost-effectiveness.

To whom are We Addressing To?

If you are one of the following agencies, all our services are planned to help you in your projects: Scroll down and discover how budgeting enterprise can help you optimize your projects.


If you want to double-check the bids provided by your subcontractors, we will provide you with a neutral and reliable third-party material estimation. Thus, as a builder, you can use it as a yardstick to seal the most cost-effective deal with your contractors.

Contractors and Subcontractors

You are always stuffed with bulky ongoing projects as a contractor or subcontractor. Whereas the estimations and material takeoffs constantly drain your time and energy. But we have a cost-effective solution that will let you work at your optimum. You can hire us for your estimated jobs at 60% fewer prices. Thus get your timely and effective estimations before your bids and proposals.

Construction Companies and Landowners

A builder, a landowner, or a construction company might have to make wise and profitable decisions daily. A reliable and precise quantity takeoff gives you a clear picture of whether a project is worth investing in. Our spot-on estimations on projected price, material, and labor will help you decide rationally for-profit maximization before applying for financing, checking bids, and getting supplier quotations.

Architects And Designers

We know you are concerned about staying within your client's budget to design the blueprints as an architect. So. Our precise design estimates and takeoffs are reliable enough that they will help you in your design process to draw feasible solutions up to the mark.

Vendors and Suppliers

If you are a vendor, supplier, or retailer, you might be dealing with your clients to provide them with the right materials for their projects. Thus, you must have material takeoffs for the right material to build a long-term relationship, based on trust, with the contractors and developers.

What Does a Material Takeoff Include?


First, we list all the materials required for your project individually, from bricks, timber, and concrete to plumbing pipes and electrical cables. We jot down each spare that can be used in your construction projects.


Then, we go for the exact quantity of each used material. It can save you hundreds of bucks being spoiled on excessive purchases.


Lastly, we describe the items being used with their good quality. It is also ideal for clients to have some special project requirements.

Types of quantity Takeoffs

Budgeting enterprise has a decade of experience providing reliable material and quantity takeoffs. Usually, we provide their quantity takeoffs in the following two types.

Manual Quantity Takeoffs

It is the quantity takeoff that is chalked out without the help of any software. Years ago, this takeoff was trending where our experts would calculate the takeoffs entirely by hand. They would thoroughly examine the physical drawings and blueprints to produce a list of materials. Still, this take-off is prevalent, especially where software does little and expertise plays a frontal role. We at Budgeting Enterprise are confident enough that our experts that have the skill to draw the detailed takeoffs of even your complex tasks manually.

Digital Quantity Takeoffs

Digital quantities takeoffs are performed using different estimation software. Thus, in this software, a blueprint is uploaded. This software analyzes the drawings and blueprints and lists the required material and quantities. But the bottom line is that one cannot blindly rely on the software. Any outcome this software produces requires a thorough quality check and trimming by a professional estimator. Thus, they can add or subtract some quantities to give you the right amounts of material required for your project. We use advanced digital tools with modern BIM technologies all over the USA. Also, we leverage the capabilities of 5D BIM in our regressive estimation process.

We Can Serve Takeoffs in many Ways

Budgetary Takeoffs

We can provide budgetary Takeoffs services based on preliminary design concepts and schematic designs, which help you compare various buildings or materials as contractors, developers, or architects.

Preliminary Takeoffs

Preliminary planning is a key step in constructing a house. We will provide the preliminary takeoffs with basic sketches and drawings so you can better design and make wise business decisions. We are reliable enough to give you high precision in the first go.

Preconstruction Takeoffs

Want to get a highly accurate BOQ or BOM? If you are a developer, owner, architect, subcontractor, BPM/CPM, or GC, you must have realized the importance of spot-on preconstruction Takeoffs. We will provide the exact numbers to help you build, design or craft your projects afterward.

Our quantity takeoff services are stretched to all the CSI Divisions, such as:

Why Do you need a Material Estimator?

The software we use for your Projects

Every time we provide you with numbers, we pinpoint accuracy. We do all through the most advanced software, such as Bluebeam, Planswift, RS Means, Trimble, Cost Works Xactimate, FastDUCT, Quest Estimating, and FastPIPE. We measure quantities by point and click method using Planswift, the latest digital software.

All line items can be organized in Uniformat, CSI MasterFormat, or construction phase cost code in our material cost estimation services. If you have any customized format in your mind, we are highly flexible to adapt.

Don’t Know where to start? Upload your plans, drawings, or blueprints now, and we will send you the quote in just five minutes.

People May Ask:

What Is a Quantity Take-Off?

A construction takeoff Quantities Takeoff(QTO) is a method to measure the material cost estimates and labor you require for a project. It covers all the material dimensions needed in form, quantity, type, and quality.

What Does Quantity Take Off Measure?

In the quantities takeoff, we take account of the fundamentals such as area, volume, length, and other physical counts. Additionally, we precisely calculate the material in how much quantity you require for your project and specify the minimum quality standards of that material. All the measurements are kept specific to the material. For instance, if we estimate the concrete quantities, we will count them in volume units, such as cubic meters of cubic feet. Diametrically opposite, if we are going to count some lumber of rods that we consider it in length, such as cables, pipes, and lumber. Overall, we pay huge attention to the units prevalent in your geographic area so that our estimation can sync with you as a contractor, subcontractor, builder, architect, or investor.

In what format can you upload your project for our quantity’s estimations?

We at Budgeting Enterprise are far more flexible in providing the quantities and building material estimating services in any format you need for your project. Similarly, You can send us your drawing plans in the following formats: TIF, PDF, TIFF.DWF, DWG, DXF, PLN, JPEG, JPG, CPC, DJVU, OSX, CAL

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